Trattoria Delina


A Taste of Italy in the Heart of Bangkok, Thailand

When Trattoria Dellina first approached us, we knew they had something special. Their passion for authentic Italian cuisine, coupled with their access to the finest ingredients in Thailand, was a recipe for success. But in a bustling city like Bangkok, even the most delicious food needs to be seen to be savored.

That’s when Generation Beta came in. We dug deep into Trattoria Dellina’s story, understanding their commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients and the magic touch of their Italian chef. We then translated that passion into targeted social media ads that were more than just pictures of food. They were visuals that captured the essence of the Trattoria Dellina experience – the vibrant atmosphere, the aroma of fresh herbs and spices, and of course, the mouthwatering dishes themselves. 

We didn’t stop there. Knowing the power of online searches, we implemented a strategic PPC campaign. This ensured that whenever someone in Bangkok searched for “Italian restaurant” or “authentic Italian food,” Trattoria Dellina would be right at the top of the results. No more relying solely on word-of-mouth – Trattoria Dellina was now right there at the fingertips of hungry customers.

The results were truly incredible. Within two weeks of launching the campaigns, we saw a phenomenal 78% increase in pre-bookings for their lunch buffet. It was a clear sign that our data-driven marketing strategy was hitting the mark, bringing Trattoria Dellina’s culinary delights to a whole new audience.

The Brand

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Bangkok lies Trattoria Dellina, a haven of authentic Italian cuisine. Since its inception, Trattoria Dellina has been delighting patrons with fresh, high-quality ingredients and the magic touch of an Italian chef. But in today’s digital world, even the most delicious food needs to be discoverable.

From browsers to buyers

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